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How did the English language adopt the Latin alphabet?

I mean Britannia spoke Celtic,Latin was for the educated masses in the middle and dark ages.This question is beyond me.English is supposedly a west Germanic language.I can reason that that the Mediterranean and other parts(Iberia,Germania,Romania) were part of the Roman Empire Proper and from what i gather, Latin wasn't enforced in Britain.So English in Latin alphabet seems puzzling to me.

So Is the Latin alphabet an adopted alphabet for English?(Turkish,Romanian,Azeri are some examples)

Or am I totally incorrect and the truth is something else.

Best Answer...


there was of course a time when the educated classes in the Celtic lands used ogam, and the north germanic tribes used runes for inscriptions. Both can be cut into wood/chiselled into stone [look and see how angular they are]. Education came to Britain with the Romans [it was of course part of the Empire, you must be aware of the Roman towns such as Londinium, Camulodunum, Verulamium.... and their modern counterparts] but literacy was even more widely disseminated with the arrival of Christianity [St Augustine 597] and many monks who of course used Latin, wrote in Latin, taught that way of writing. In any case it's a damn sight faster and more useful than ogam scratchings or the futhark.
There are of course different scripts - e.g. uncial, half-uncial - used in MSS. Look them up.