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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much does an F1 car cost overall?

And if u want the 10 points i really would like to know how much one of those Nose Cones costs? And the pits Lollypops... I was once allowed into the williams pits and i stood on their lollypop (accidently) and was up and close and touched 2 nose cones. Just wondering how money i could have made had i stolen it. I felt so bad cos all the engineers saw me step on it like twice....

u had to be there.. man i luv f1

Best Answer...


Actually, these cars do often come up for sale. I recently saw one of Schumacher's Benneton cars that had a couple wins come up for $400k... which is very much in line with other vintage race cars of a similar age (a Porsche 962 with some race wins in it's history would run just a little less).

But that's a very incomplete picture, since 1) that's not reflective of the cost to build the car in the first place, 2) the real cost of an F1 car isn't building it, but designing it and maintaining it. And of course, while some cars pop up on the market regularly, some manufacturers (such as Ferrari) only sell to certain people (and then with quite a few limits on what makes up "ownership").

The teams likely spend a few million dollars in the parts needed to build a complete, modern F1 car. And this cost would be fairly consistent across the pit-lane (again, since the high costs come in the development phase, with another chunk of budget going into keep it up). And the cost of skilled work to assemble it and set it up... let's take a nice easy number of about $5 million for an F1 car.

Getting an exact cost on items will only be possible if you happen to be inside one of the teams... but if you look across other forms of motorspots and compare: a nose cone/font wing is probably somewhere in the $10-20k range. Actual production cost would be a bit less than this, but you'd have to figure higher since there is almost certainly at least a small percentage that is thrown out due to small defects.

If you had stolen one, you would most likely not have been able to make any money since a current part from an F1 car would be fiercely protected (consider the scope of investigation that followed someone reporting the photocopying of Ferrari documents). If it were a vintage Williams, it is unlikely an owner of such a car would buy parts from anyone other than Williams (and if they actually purchased their car direct from Williams, it may include such parts... I know buying an older F1 car from Ferrari includes parts and support staff).

The lollipop? It's stick with a sign on the end! There would be no advantage from making it out of special materials, and the only requirements would be that it's easily visible for the driver, and able to withstand the common abuses such a device would suffer in the pits. Actual costs is probably somewhere in the $30-50 range, maybe even less.