Socket Set

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why do ratchet socket sets come in cases which always break?

I bet your socket set case is broken. Either the hinges or the clasps.

And they often put grooves in for adaptations which cross over other tools.

Best Answer...


good question,they make a socket set that cost well over 200 bucks and three times opening it the case breaks,they do this to cut cost or something,it really doesn't make any sense,i think the case should last as long as the sockets do,you,d think with the price we pay for some of these tools that the cases would last a lot longer,but they don't,and you usually cant buy a replacement case,but if a socket breaks,you can buy a new one of them,or they,ll replace it free of charge,its all about production right now,the more they make of them the more they can sell,maybe someday will get cases that will out last the tools,hopefully,good luck .we can hope.