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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is it illegal to change the color of your license plate lights to blue in new jersey?

And if it is whats the name of the charge, and the cost?

Best Answer...


Coloured lights are not legal to illuminate licence plates in any state (or Canadian province). The plates must be illuminated by a standart white light, for the simple reason colours distort the visibility of the plate, and severely limit the distance the plate can be seen. The same law says you can't have any colour but red or amber for turn signals, or any other colour but standard white for headlamps (except the natural bluish tinge of HID).
The applicable standard for licence plate light is white light conforming to SAE standard J587. Cars can actually be ruled off the road by the vehicle licencing authority if not brought in line with federal standards, and will not pass safety checks if called in for inspection.
You may think it looks cool, but lighting standards exist for a reason. You can do what you want for off-road operation and show cars, but not for daily drivers.