Leather Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Distressed fabric..How do I "Burn" Holes in Fabric? What chemical is used?

I need to "burn" holes in fabric, for a dance piece-cutting them out is too slow, and punching them with a leather tool is far too slow and too little diverstiy is sizes...I know bleach won't do it so does anyone out there know? Thanks so much!

Best Answer...


Fiber-Etch® dissolves fabrics made of cellulose (plant) fibers, such as cotton, linen, rayon, Tencel® and ramie, offering a variety of decorative options. Create cutwork designs by applying the chemical to a 100% cellulosic fiber fabric. Burnout and etched effects can be achieved when the chemical is applied to fabrics that have fiber blends: cellulose fibers blended with wool, silk or synthetic fibers. Only the cellulose pile or threads are removed, leaving other fibers intact.