Barn Pulley

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how can i plan a carnival style party?

not in a expesive way just simple its for my daughter who is turning 4


Best Answer...


well you can have games right?
put some drapery hooks on a beach towel upside down. then hang it upright on a clothes line. blow up and tie balloons and stick the ends on the drapery hooks. then get some darts and have them throw at balloons this way.-to win prizes

also you can take you average kids blowup pool or even the plastic type and put floats of some type in there with a number or something on the bottom and have the kids pick them--like a duck pond-to win a prize

get a softball and three coffee cans or something and stack them up either two on the bottom and one on top or all three stacked up three high and have the kids throw the softball and knock them win a prize

if you have a hoola hoop you can have them ring a teddy bear to win a prize

use a lil sport basket ball and have them compete for one prize

take an empty glass pop bottle or so and have them stand on a chair and drop ten or so clothes pins into the bottle-most in wins a prize.

as for rides you can attach a sturdy rope to the roof of the garage then insert a barn pulley on it and a rope swing seat to the garden pulley then attach the other end on the main rope to a vehicle and pull tight...then take the kids on the garage roof and set them in the seat attached to the pulley and let them go down like a zip line make sure to have a bed mattress against the vehicle that is tightening the rope so they dont have to bounce off steell frame of vehicle(alright scratch this idea-lmao)