Axe Head

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How do mercifully kill a animal that's suffering?

Okay I didn't not if fact kill animal but I was wondering how would you kill an animal in pain. I do not hunt cause I think it's bad. But in a scenario where a animal was to say been shot with a bullet in the heart but was still alive how would you mercifully kill it?
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Best Answer...


The "kindest" way of killing farm animals that we eat is to stun them by a bolt gun to the head (you need to be knowledgeable about how to apply this) followed by immediately slitting the throat. That way they die in a relaxed state, so to speak.

How this translates with wild or pet animals would be to cover the injured animal with a piece of fabric (sack, towel, etc) and whack it hard with a blunt instrument (axe head, etc) and then break it's neck. Or if it is, like a bird, just wring its neck. A very large animal is best shot with a rifle (not a shotgun I believe) in the head. Pet fish can be euthanised by stunnign with clove oil before emmersing in pure alcohol.

Hopefully I will never need to call upon any of these dreadful remedies, although I've witnessed every one. For most wild animals, the local vet (if open and close by) or animal shelter will euthanase for free I believe.

I recently had my cat euthanased by the vet (pets are not free). Apart fromthe fact that he was in pain and scared of being at the vets and traumatised by the drive and his illness, the actual event was very quick. Be prepared for movement, noise and bowel movements AFTER the death.