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Frequently Asked Questions...

Ok, so I have this big white wall in my college dorm and I want to know what can go there?

I was thinking about a tapestry but I am having problems finding one online. If you suggest this could you add in a website or store I can look for? I dont smoke, so forget all those kinda tapestries.
I can't paint over the walls, as much as I would like too, and I can't spend alot on this.
This wall is pissing me off any suggestions would be great.

Best Answer...


Instead of a tapestry, how about some beautiful fabric? You could hang a rod for it to hang on or even tack it up at the top. It comes in all colors and hundreds of prints and solids at any fabric or hobby store. I always go to Hobby Lobby for fabric now that Wal Mart has gotten rid of that whole department.
There are also blankets and throws with cool pictures that you can hang. I actually have an antique hand made persian rug hanging on the wall in my living room. Think outside the box!