Raggedy Doll

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to make work sock monkeys and Raggedy Ann & Andy?

When I was young every friends seemed to have a work sock monkey. These monkeys are made out of worn out work socks and some stuffing. A good way to recycle. Does anyone have the instructions on how to make these? I have also been trying to find a Raggety Ann and Andy pattern, with no success. Can anyone help me with that?

Best Answer...


Free instructions for making the classic Rockford Red Heel sock monkey can be obtained online at


The socks may be bought online at


Any other sock with a differentiated heel will work as well.
A sweet free pattern for a homemade Raggedy Ann or Andy doll is at


Purchased commercial patterns for the Raggedy dolls and assorted clothing and accessories may be viewed and ordered at


Enjoy your crafting!