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5 importance of science to agriculture?

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1. SOURCE OF FOOD SUPPLY: Food is one of the basic needs of mankind for people to consume domestically and internationally, get sufficient energy to do other economic activities and stay Healthy. The population of the Gambia is growing rapidly according to researches with an estimate of 3% per annum and our urban areas are expanding very fast and the food supply is relatively low locally. As a result, food importation is getting higher and expensive.
2. AS A SOURCE OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Agriculture still provides the main source of foreign exchange earnings for many developing countries. The Gambia used to depend on ground nut for her foreign exchange earnings but the failure of ground nut production due to rural-urban drift caused such export earnings to fall in many cases.
3. GGEST EMPLOYER: Agricultural activity is said to be the largest employer in the economy particularly in West Africa which engages between 60-70% of the labour force. As the region still relies on primitive farming methods due to the high cost involved in capital requirement of mechanical farming, large numbers of people are continuing to rely on the land for a long time.
4. GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT: Agriculture and agric products boost global industrial development by providing enormous raw materials for manufacturing industries to produce manufactured goods.
5. The importance of agriculture is too vast to be covered in one discussion. However, the few mentioned above are vital ones to convince our audience particularly those in the education sector to spur young ones to concentrate on agriculture as a vocation and income generating activity.
As we are in the era of Education for All (EFA), it is incumbent on us as educationists to bring to the fore the importance of this vital sector of the economy which is almost negated by many. We certainly deal with adolescents whose minds are ready to absorb good ideas and interpret things on their own with some or little guidance.
6. Agriculture is one of the key sectors of an economy which provides the basic needs of people-food, and a high proportion of the people depend on it for their livelihood.
7. It is a sector which contributes the highest percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of developing countries.