Metal Star

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who thinks that Lady GaGa should quit wearing such tacky clothes?

Okay, I'm getting kinda fed up with this. I mean, a weird accessory every once and a while is okay, but more than that... no way.
If she wants more attention, she can just come up with a new hit single. Who needs the 4 foot horns? And the dress she wore to the Grammy's was completely tacky and ridiculous! Plus, what is with the metal star? You don't need it if you already look tacky enough! Am I right, or what?

Best Answer...


You do know, you may be offending her fans with this, but you're probably giving Lady Gaga herself a compliment, she loves it.

I disagree, it's not tacky. Tacky is neon clothes, and all things Katie Price

Katie Price = tacky