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How does the world view China and America?

Westerners and Americans are too obsessed with the idea that a rising power like China is beginning to take the center stage in the world. China has 'human rights violations' although it is clear that it is barely Communist but in name.

America proclaims it's war against terror and to protect freedom while it oppresses many developing nations and tries to enforce it's policies on them, as long as they are "against terrorism".

How does the rest of the world view these two nations?

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China is seen as where everything is made. USA companies can and do have a lot done more cheaply in China. When cars sold in the USA are made in China, I don't want to reward those brands because I see the loss of American jobs behind that, even if the price is low. That's cheap! China is also super-polluted. And I agree with another answer that said, "China doesn't give a damn what the world thinks of its human rights abuses." Ha, so true.