Jelly Cabinet

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Dry spinach dip base recipe?

I'm looking for a dry spinach base recipe. I would like to get a recipe for a dry spinach dip that can be stored in my jelly cabinet similar to those envelopes that can be purchased in the store. When it's time to make it I can go to my cabinet and add sour cream and a little mayo. Any ideas?

Best Answer...


My grandmother used a little powered milk, as her base but she also adds garlic, salt, pepper, dehydrated onions, and a pinch of parsley for hers. And then.....add the spinach. There are some other ingredients but thats her secret so you have to be creative. Trust really works. Make sure you seal it very tightly because the spices may get "stale" and the powdered milk can soak up moisture in the air if it isn't air tight.