Forged Iron

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What golf company makes good forged irons?

I need a new set of irons and i need forged cavity backs so what brand should i look at.

Best Answer...


There's only a very small handful of forging houses in China and Japan that handle ALL the work for the reputable companies. For instance Miura, who makes their own forged irons, has been confirmed by Golf Digest to make Nike's forged offerings. They say they do more (on their website), but they don't/won't confirm who contracts work to them. Yes, that means the same forging houses that makes stuff for the Titleists', Callaway's, Cobra's, Ping's, etc., are also making them for the Tom Wishon Golf Technologies, Maxfli's, KZG's, Dynacraft's, etc., etc. Don't sweat the brand, is what I'm saying.

Get whatever you want that's friendly on your wallet fitted. Whatever you decide, this will determine how well you hit them. Just the basics: lie angle, shaft flex, grip size, swing weight and total weight. After that, enjoy your purchase!