Christmas Santa

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much do you spend on Christmas gifts?

What do you consider as a reasonable amount of money to spend on someone like a family member or close friend at Christmas?

And what do you think of people who just ask for money at Christmas? If everyone asked for money what would be the point? E.g. If I gave my sister £20 and she gave me £20 as a Christmas gift, what exactly would be the purpose of this and wouldn't it defeat the whole object of Christmas, Santa Claus et al?

Best Answer...


45 for my sisters gift.
16 for my Moms
16 for my moms boyfriends.
My sisters cost a lot more because she wanted a fancy calligraphy set, and my mom and her boyfriend had no idea what they wanted, so I just had to wing it.
As for reasonable amount to spend.. Well for me it would be $20 each, since I am still a teen.