Shaped European

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Shaped European

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A Wealth Of The Window Design Solutions

The style, shape and function of a home's windows can underscore a home's elegance, coziness or cutting-edge style. The following are some of today's most exciting formats and treatments: Palladian or arched windows are graceful and elegant, but hard to cover. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas offers a variety of styles to cover unusually shaped windows. For instance, Duette?honeycomb shades come in an arch shape, designed to lift and lower smoothly from top to bottom on "perfect" and "imperfect" arches, allowing for privacy, light control and easy window cleaning. Skylights can lighten a room, make a space feel larger and bring a quirky element to an otherwise dull area. When left bare, skylights often allow in too much light and sun that can fade furniture and overheat a room. Duette with Skyrise?is the perfect solution, softening the light and providing energy efficiency.

Floor-to-ceiling windows add a dimension of excitement to any structure, while sliding glass doors are modeled after Japan's rice paper shoji screens. Homeowners love the extra light but often get flustered when it comes to how to dress them. Duette with Vertiglide defeats that design problem with honeycomb fabric that is oriented vertically with the shade operating sideways. A bay window is typically a center window and two angled side windows. It offers lots of light for a book nook or dining alcove. French doors have been popular for decades and slim, trim Duette honeycomb shades don't add a lot of bulk or noisy rattling when these European imports are opened and closed. Those ubiquitous narrow windows found on one or both sides of a door beg for a window fashion solution such as the new Duette Operable Sidelight.

From the tiniest sliver of a window to arches, angles, octagons and trapezoids, virtually all window shapes and types can be beautifully dressed with Duette honeycomb shades. The author, working in an immigration agent, has developed his own style in home design, including the toilets. He can also offer you advice on solar water heating.

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