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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there a movie similar to the "Gladiator", but about the Celts?

I managed to find documentaries only.
Is there any movie that depicts the Celtic era, in Europe?
PS: Don't mention "Braveheart" as being close to the Celts.
PS: Don't mention "Braveheart" as being close to the Celts.

Best Answer...


There was one called 'Druid' (I think) that starred Christopher Lambert. It was about the Gauls fighting the Romans, lead by the chieftain Vercingetorix.
The recent 'The Eagle' was set in ealy Romano-British times and was as much about the natives as the Romans for a change.
There was a tv series (pretty bad) about Boudicca a few years back; it starred Alex Kingston.
There was another 'celtic' one in the last year or two that had a couple of female warriors (one a main character) but I can't remember the name.