Roman Empire

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What groups lived on the Northern Borders of the Roman Empire?

Or enemies? Who are they key people that in the Roman Empire and those that fought against the Roman Empire.

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Well when the Roman republic was founded, the northern enemies were the Etruscans, who fought in many ways to the Greek hoplites. But if we are talking about the Roman Empire at it's height at the border of Hadrian's wall we have the Caledonians, and Picts. To the west of that we have Ireland, which the Roman's called Hibernia. The most famous groups however are along the Rhine, and Danube. The groups along the Rhine were various West Germanic peoples, in the early empire they were the Suebi, Marcommani, Chatti, Cimbrii, Batavii, Frisii, Iuthungii and towards the end of the Roman Empire Western Germanic People were the Alemmannii, The Franks, The Quadii, The Angles, The Saxons, and Thuringians.
Along the Danube the people' s were East Germanic, Iranian, Slavic,or possibly Turkic. The enemies in the Early Roman Empire were the Dacians such as the Moesii, Carpii, (The Getae from Spartacus were a Thraco-Dacian people) The Bastarnae (Unknown if Germanic, Celtic, or Iranian) The Sarmatians (Iranian), The Royal Scythians (Iranian) and towards the Later Roman Empire there were the East Germanic People including the Visigoths, Ostrogoths, The Burgundians, The Gepids, The Lombards, the Iranian people's were The Alans, and the Iazyges then of course the most famous were the possibly Turkic people The Huns who pushed many of the tribes into the Roman Empire. (The Slavic tribes also came in, but I'm rusty compared to their tribes.)