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RAF girlfriend ring circa. 1930?

I have inherited a ring from a distant relative. He was in the RAF during WW2, and from what I can gather it was given to his wife when he left for war. I cannot find any ring similar to it on the internet. However, I have found a site with a pin badge that is very similar (http://www.anaspides.net/military/aviato… It's the last set of sweetheart wings on the red background. I was just wondering if anyone remembers anything, or knows anything about these rings as it would be really interesting to find out what I've got. Thanks :)


It's this exact set of wings, but a ring rather than a brooch.

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If it is the same as this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-KING-CROWN-RAF-BADGE-SILVER-ENAMEL-SWEETHEART-RING-/260827637150 and is in Sterling silver it should have a makers stamp on it which any decent Jeweller can identify.