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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where is a really good place to find runescape guides?

I need a website where i can find really good runescape guides for free. I need one for getting 99 str, def, attk, magic, and range. If you have one for any of the above skills please tell me, i really need to know. Also i could use some for non-combat skills.

Best Answer...


I don't like runehq because the staff have been edgy and rude in the past. Also, they have links to "rs gold sites" which will end up keylogging you and getting your rs account lost. Plus, it takes longer to load their site than others that I use.

I prefer runescape wikia for info on where to find items and monsters, but I wouldn't use it for quests.

For quest guides, I use and sometimes salmoneus.

One thing you NEED to keep in mind though, is that it takes about 3-4 hours a day for about four MONTHS to get from level 59 in a skill to 99. That's 3-4 hours a day doing only that skill. It takes a long time, even if you're using a guide. You must keep this in mind.

Also, if you want to get the most exp for your time, it's best to become a member. Things are just so much easier.

For training range, I'm guessing the best method for you would be using a dorgeshunn bow (cross bow) and bone bolts. The bow is very cheap, and bone bolts are only 2gp each. That's pretty cheap, considering some arrows can be a few hundred gp each. Once you get to a higher level, and are killing stronger monsters, you could use a rune c'bow (crossbow) and use broadbolts.. they hit pretty hard, and are about 60gp each. If you decide to remain a non member, just try using bronze arrows and train on scorpions in the al kahrid mine. Shoot at them from above. Use the rapid attack method.

For training magic, people in non members tend to runecraft their own runes then train it, or they tend to do something like woodcutting or fishing so that they can afford the runes. Often people in f2p will train magic by teleporting over and over to varrock. The best way for members is to use the humidify spell on vials (a lunar magic spell - you definitely have to do the Lunar Diplomacy quest - and possibly the Dream Mentor quest to do the spell). The humidify spell method is the best way to train mage. You make money while doing it. You can make money by high alching, but it's a pain. Sometimes the materials needed will be expensive, and you'll lose money when you high alch. Overall, the humidify method is best.

For attack, strength, and defense, it's really simple. Buy full runite or whatever you can - the best armor and weapon, then just fight what you can. Lesser demons in karamja might be a bit hard for you right now. (Plus they tend to be busy in f2p (free to play)). Although it might be a good method. You could bring a harpoon/lobster cage, woodcutting axe, and a tinderbox - and a weapon and your best armor plus maybe a few k of gold, to Karamja, then fish some lobsters/swordfish/tuna, cook them, then fight some lessers. Repeat as necessary...

Hope this helps. My rs name is Chingpow. Feel free to PM me (Private message)... but tell me you got my name from here, so I'll know. I get spammed a lot by people in game.