Arrow Head

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Whats the best way to buy Arma 2 for DayZ?

Also i've read some where that you can download the free version of arma 2(the demo?) and just buy the DLC operation arrow head and it'll work like that. If I download it threw steam will i still be able to use the mod and be able to play online with others that are with out steam?

Best Answer...


You can use ArmA 2 Free (it's a bit confusing as there is a demo version as well).

If you're using Steam, you can just click this link to install ArmA 2 Free:

OR go to the Steam store page (select "Download demo" - it's not a demo, but Steam says it is):

Operation Arrowhead is not DLC. It's a full standalone game. Although it's pretty much an expansion pack, it actually is a full game and does not need any version of ArmA 2 in order to run. You don't need to download either game through Steam - you can use any combination of sources (eg you could get one from Gamestop and the other on a CD)

BUT you need both ArmA 2 (Free or full) AND Operation Arrowhead (full, paid for version) in order to play DayZ. DayZ uses the game engine from OA and the level map from ArmA 2. There is no way to play DayZ on official servers for free.

It is technically possible to use a cracked version, but you're restricted to only playing on cracked servers. Seeing as the official servers all use a central database and the cracked servers don't, you're pretty much restricted to playing on the same cracked server all the time and won't be able to play with the rest of us.

Full details on what you need and how to install it can be found here - several thousand people a day use this guide: