Antique Restoration

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Log Home Restoration For The American Vintage


Do you require log home restoration? If you're the proud owner of a log cabin or wood-sided house, then you're totally aware of the aesthetic beauty a well-maintained home has on the eye. Because timber is a natural material it has to be taken care of at regular intervals to prevent your finish from declining and perhaps having rot fungi causing lots of problems for your home. If the house has been neglected, for whatever reason, then to bring it back again its past glory you may need to embark on a complete exterior house restoration. Hire a specialist business to help, because this should never be regarded as a DIY venture. Correct log house restoration is a skilled, labor-intensive process and demands qualified experts to carry it out to a proper quality.


The time comes when you decide you want a cabin refurbishment to improve a weary, worn-out log home to its original elegance. You may have overlooked the regular maintenance over time or perhaps you gotten a great deal on a used log home that needs work. Below are great tips to guide you with your cabin restoration and log home repairs.


If you're unhappy with the way the wood exterior of your log home, cedar house, fences, and decks appear, repair businesses will get them back to the way you want it.  Some make use of environmentally friendly ways to guarantee the safety of your clients and the workers.  You can be assured that they will take every precaution to ensure a clear, professional restoration of the house or commercial property.  They presently use fine ground walnut shell media blasting as a favored elimination method. 


It's always been known that specific surface sanding of wood using a progressive grit produces the finest outcome for finishing. With great care and attention to detail, homes are taken through several ways of sanding and the results are incomparable to some other kind of wood home finishing method. This is the highest quality of repair & refinishing obtainable. Manual sanding gives control over depth of wood removal this signifies actually getting rid of anything on the wooden surface in a specific controlled manner, including the wood itself. This allows to completely remove finishes that have penetrated deep to the timber, and at the same time controlling surface area uniformity. Another unique advantage of manual-sanding is allowing carving and shaping the wood. It could bevel, round and chamfer corners smooth out cats-eyes and other unique features on the logs. Natural curves bumps and lumps are all enhanced.


Log home restorations are focused on preserving the spirit of the American pioneer by authentic antique hand-hewn log cabins, buildings and materials to consumers.  These uniquely American buildings were hand made by early settlers in the 18th and 19th centuries, and their initial integrity and personality can't be copied. Today, many people are recycling these structures as permanent homes, getaway cabins, guest houses, workshops as well as sheds.  There are foundations which are helping to make sure that the old cabin custom is preserved for future generations. 

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